Not long ago I decided to clean out my closet.  It was full of clothes that I no longer wore and was making a mess of those that I still do.  Many of the pant sizes from my larger days were so oversized that they couldn’t even be altered, so it was time to free up some space.  I have almost as many workout clothes as I do work and casual clothes and they needed better organizing as well.  What I didn’t realize is that about 2/3 of the “stuff” in there needed to go.

I rid myself of entire stacks of t-shirts at a time.  Some that I had been saving for who knows what reason.  I was trying to be brutal in my decisions – if there was a question about whether or not to keep something, it was gone.  The same went for ties, hats, belts, shoes, etc.

Now that I had cleaned, I was freed up to better organize what was left – what I really used. I’m starting to notice a pattern that seems to be true, regardless of the area of your life to which it is applied – reduction of excess and organization of what remains makes for more productivity and happiness in general.

I feel better when I walk into my closet now.  I know when I reach to grab a shirt or pair of pants, it’s something that fits and that I’ll actually wear. It’s simplified.  Next stop, the basement – which is desperate need of simplification and organization.  Until then…

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