I’m so thankful that the passion that I’ve come to have for fitness and nutrition is starting to rub off on my boys.  You may recall my two older boys wanting to sign up for the Spartan Race, which is coming up soon. Last night (as of this writing) my 9 year old requested that we wake him up at 6:30AM, so that he could get a workout in before school.  He woke up on time, went downstairs and completed the following workout – which, to my knowledge he designed on his own:

  • 50 jump ropes
  • 20 push ups
  • 25 situps
  • 25 jumping jacks

Time Trials

I am so proud of the effort that he is putting in.  He has been inspired by the athletes in the Olympics and is determined to be a speed skater, despite not having anywhere to train in Georgia.  With the nicer weather we’ve been having, he’s been racing circuits around our cul-de-sac, while his brothers cheer him on and time his laps. I admire his motivation and am more than happy to help his efforts any way I can.

When we first registered for the Spartan Race, I was a little hesitant for my boys, thinking they might not put in the effort to properly train for the event.  However, I have been pleasantly surprised and feel confident that they will do a great job!  I’m looking forward to cheering them on this weekend.

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