This past weekend was the spring 2014 Savage Race in Georgia.  After running the Spartan Race earlier this year, I immedatiely looked for my next obstacle race.  There was a team forming at our crossfit box for the Savage and they welcomed me aboard.  Our team, the “WOD Squad” consisted of six members.  For some it was their first obstacle race and others were Savage repeats.  Having all being avid crossfitters for some time, we felt we were all up for the challenge.

The Savage Rage is similar to the Spartan Race in many ways.  Fundamentally, they are the same type of event – a medium length trail run (4-6 miles) with multiple obstacles.  The Savage Race organizers take great pride in their obstacles and it shows. In addition to the standards – mud, barbed wire, walls, etc. there were some unique obstacles to be conquered, such as Davy Jones Locker and Colossus.  The Savage Race is a little over six miles, versus the 4.2 mile Spartan Sprint.

Participating with a Team

I participated in the Spartan Race by myself, as a solo runner.  While it was fun and I didn’t know any different (it was my first event of this kind), I really did enjoy participating on a team.  While we didn’t utilize each other much on the obstacles, the camaraderie and the motivation of fellow teammates cannot be understated.  Having others to share in the anticipation and reflect on the glory of the event is just fun too!

So what’s next?  Our team is already looking for our next event.  And we have already talked about signing up for the Savage Race again when it comes back to Georgia this fall!


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