I recently had the pleasure of working with fellow Dawnbreakers Rotarian Alicia Michael on a short film video project that debuted at the 2014 District 6900 Annual Conference last week in San Destin, FL.  The project was fairly ambitious, considering the timeline, but we managed to finalize the edits and get the output file delivered in plenty of time for the event.


The initial concept of the video was to follow the progress of an individual through their early life and illustrate the impact of Rotary.  While the initial script was trimmed down a bit, the final project does a good job of conveying the essential storyline.  Areas of Rotary impact that are illustrated include: polio vaccination, combating hunger, literacy, economic development and induction into Rotary membership. The entire project was themed with a Mission Impossible feel with a Rotary spin.

Project Details

  • The short film was shot entirely with natural light.
  • All location shooting was completed in half a day.
  • Editing took several days over the course of a few weeks to finalize.
  • Final project was delivered as a digital file, transferred via cloud services.


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