All of the participants!
All of the participants!

After having run the Savage Race with a great group of teammates, we began looking for our next race.  I found a couple that were coming up including one I’d never heard of called the Battlefrog Series.  This is a multi-length event with obstacles that were inspired by Navy SEALs.  I found a great coupon code on Instagram and decided to register.  At the last minute, my three sons decided they wanted to participate, as the event had varying distances and obstacle events for all of their age groups.

For their first year in Atlanta, this was a great event.  It was held at the Georgia International Horse Park, the same venue that hosted the Spartan Race in March.  The event began with a Navy SEAL demonstration, where a helicopter of SEALs made a low pass and then landed in an open field.  They continuted to neutralize the “enemy” for the crowd of onlookers.  I think it was a great demonstration and a good reminder of how our military is working every day to secure our freedom and safety.  The course was divided into several lengths ranging from 0.5k for the Tadpole Jr race all the way up to a 15k course for the full blown Battlefrog.  My youngest son participated in the Tadpole Jr, his first obstacle racing event.  My two other boys wound up running the 5k course and even finished with the Tsunami obstacle at the end of the course intended for the Battlefrog participants.

I participated in the 15k length event, the longest I’ve ever run, much less in an obstacle race.  While the obstacles were less challenging overall than the Spartan or Savage, the event was just as difficult, if not moreso, due to the sheer length of the course.  For the first time at the end of an event, I had some pretty nasty blisters on my right foot, from running the last 6+ miles of the course with wet feet.

Overall, the event was a ton of fun.  The festival atmosphere was rocking with a great DJ and event sponsors such as Kill Cliff, Super Food Bar and Athletics8.  We will definitely keep this event on our list for next year!


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