OMA Basketball PortraitsOMA Basketball PortraitsI’ve always liked shooting youth sports. Both action and portrait photography. It’s been a while since I’ve done a styled portrait session, so when I was asked by our coach’s wife if I would be interested in making basketball portraits for Oak Mountain’s recreation teams this year, I was happy to say yes. We’ve never had any “official” photos for this league in the past, so it would be nice to shoot some professionally.

I like to shoot youth portraits differently. Nothing against some of the other companies out there, but a lot of youth sports portraits are pretty flat and boring. I understand that when you have hundreds of players to photograph, it’s best to keep it simple. But the “kneel and click” look gets old after a while. I prefer to photograph the kids as if they are professional players. In this case, I crafted a lighting setup that would lend more to a college or NBA team look.

To cover my bases, I shot full length individuals, more traditional close-ups and then a more environmental wide-shot that included the rim flashes and the flare they created. This gave me options to present to the parents.


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