It is often said that we are the average of the five people that we spend the most time with. While this is a common phrase, I’ve never actually thought about it in virtual terms. I always assumed that it referred more to the physical world. I’ve recently come to think that the five people that we surround ourselves most with virtually can have a positive effect on us as well.

Recent courses of action I have taken have surrounded me with some positive, powerful and influential people.

I recently joined the Youpreneur community formed by Chris Ducker. Since joining, I have communicated with Chris in the member forums, on Twitter and Periscope. the news has a profound impact on me my goals and my business.

Not long ago I decided to work with Adam Braun and Pencils of Promise. I was put in touch with Susie, PoP’s Development Manager. During an introduction call I realized that through Susie I was one degree of separation from Pat Flynn, Ramit Sethi and Lewis Howes.  These are online entrepreneurs and marketers that I admire. Not a bad group of people to be associated with, if I may say so.

Who do you find yourself associating with online? Are they having a positive experience on yourself on your business? Find creative ways to surround yourself with influential people that will benefit your growth and that you can provide value to as well.

I’m looking forward to continuing to place myself around an incredible group of people, even if it is only virtual at the moment. I hope to continue these connections into my “real” world in the future.



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