Much has been written about the morning rituals of entrepreneurs.  While not as much of a famous online marketer or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I thought I’d share the morning ritual of a busy husband, dad and small business owner. Until the beginning of last year, I didn’t have much of a structured ritual to speak of. I began working on mine after reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod last January. That was when I really began to structure my morning and become more intentional about how I start my day, in order to set myself up for a productive day.

Over the past year my morning ritual has evolved somewhat. Early on I worked on waking earlier (between 5:45-6:00AM) without going to bed much earlier than I had been. I was also trying to fit in the full miracle morning similar to the one that Hal lays out in his book. Ultimately, I had to find the best balance of sleep and morning activities that work for me. By getting up too early my sleep was suffering. During 2015, I also studied sleep more and worked to develop habits to maximize my sleep effectiveness. For the moment, my morning routine looks like the one laid out below.

Wake Up. I typically wake up between 6:40 and 6:45AM. I then take a quick restroom break before getting going.

Weigh. I then immediately step on my Withings Smart Body Analyzer. I have my scale set to record my weight, body fat and heart rate. It then gives me a high level weather forecast for the day.

Spark. After weighing and throwing on some “morning clothes,” I go straight to the kitchen and mix a shaker bottle of Advocare Spark.  This stuff is incredible. It gets me going in the morning quickly, and gives me a little initial caffeine prior to taking the time to make my tea.

Wake the Boys. I then head upstairs to wake my boys (on school days) and get them going for their day. Once I have them stirring I return to the kitchen to help my wife get their breakfasts going. This is the point that I can get to what used to be the beginning of my miracle morning routine.

Meditate. I’m still learning to meditate effectively. For that reason, I still like to use guided meditation apps. My favorite two are Headspace and Calm. I subscribed to Headspace first, however, I have really grown to like Calm and use it more often. I like the audio background tracks that Calm uses and that there is a wider range of meditation times. I typically select a five minute meditation (they are broken down by topic) based on how I’m feeling that morning.

Journal. Following meditation, I take 5-10 minutes to journal in the Five Minute Journal. Much like my meditation, I like to have my journaling guided. The simple daily prompts help to keep my consistent in my journaling by detailing gratefulness, affirmations, amazing things that happen during the day and areas that I can improve.

Read. Some days, if I have the time I will read a short passage from a book that I’m currently reading. If not, I usually take time in the evening to read, so this is the step that gets cut short on mornings where time is short.

Prepare for Work. After setting myself up for a great day, I take a quick shower, shave and dress to head to the office.

Tea. I used to be a huge fan of Bulletproof Coffee, and I still enjoy it every now and again. However, since giving tea a try (Tim Ferriss recommendation), I haven’t really looked back. My favorite has been puerh tea, a Chinese black tea grown primarily in the Yunnan province of China. For certain brands that I have tried, I like to add a little splash of organic honey. Otherwise I can brew a few cups that I pour into a Yeti travel mug, which will keep it nice and hot until it’s gone.

I’ve read where we all have a morning routine, whether we realize it or not. The real benefit comes when we are intentional about laying out a routine that helps set ourselves up to have a great day every day.

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