Last summer I began training for a half marathon as a way to improve my cardio and help my obstacle course race (OCR) times. I chose to use a Runkeeper 16 week training plan which worked really well and kept me on track. However, about half way through the program I began having pain on the top of my right foot. Some of my runner friends suggested it may be my shoes. Looking back I think it was a metatarsal stress fracture. Either way, it sidelined my progress and I had to go easy on my running for quite a while. In October I ran a Spartan Sprint (8.5 mile obstacle race) before my foot was back to 100% and it didn’t go that well. My time suffered and I became discouraged.

My foot has since healed and I decided to get back on a training program to run a half marathon once again. I think part of my (lack of) motivation issue was that I didn’t have a target event in mind when I began my training. This time is different. My wife and I recently went to Big Peach Running Company’s Midtown location in Atlanta and went through their fit process where they analyze your feet, style of running, etc and make shoe and training recommendations to improve your running. There is a little more detail in the video below.

As a part of my renewed interest in better running, I decided to find an event to run. A goal to hit. Something definitive that I could register for, to make it real. ¬†What I found was the Hotlanta Half, which just so happens to be sponsored by Big Peach Running Co. The event is June 12, 2016, which gives me exactly 75 days to train. In the meantime, I’m sure I will come across other 5K and 10K events that will be milestones along the way, the the Hotlanta event is my goal for a first half marathon.

To track “to-dos” that are associated with my training goals, I have created a project called Half Marathon Training in ToDoist, my choice of todo app.

ToDoist Project

So here we go….

[mk_skill_meter title=”Training Progress” percent=”1.3″ color=”#00c8d7″]



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