Today’s run was a two mile run back in the familiar territory of my neighborhood. Since this run was a short one, I decided to work on pace – specifically completing each mile a little quicker than on the longer mileage runs. Along these lines I’ve been researching pacing for a half marathon. Since it will be the longest distance I’ve ever run, I know managing my pace will be critical. My Garmin Forerunner 630 is helping me to monitor my pace and alert me if I fall below or get ahead of my target pace. It also keeps a rolling calculation of estimated finish times for common race lengths. However, there is also a simple way to do this online. I’ve included a race time predictor from Runner’s World in the resource section below that allows you to input a recent race time you have and it estimates your time for other distances. It’s a pretty neat tool, to at least give you a ballpark of a race time. At that point, you can easily calculate your necessary pace to hit that target.

I also learned the hard way why it’s not a good idea to mix too much strength training (leg intensive anyway) and a run of any length on the same day.


Runner’s World Race┬áTime Predictor

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