The moment I registered for a business conference in Philadelphia, I began planning my run up the Rocky Steps. I just have started back with my running, so I honestly can’t say that this was a bucket list item per se. However, if you are remotely into running (or Rocky), I highly recommend running the Rocky steps if you get the opportunity.

The day I travelled to the conference fell on a run day for me and I would arrive in Philly with plenty of time to get my short run in prior to my business meetings. Prior to my trip, I mapped out a route that was a little over three miles, from my hotel to the Rocky Steps and back. Perfect!

Honestly, this was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I built a separate playlist to run to, just for this run. One that contained music from the Rocky soundtrack, obviously.


My Rocky Run Playlist

Honestly, when I got to the Rocky songs I kept repeating them!

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